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Posted Sep 28, 10:32 AM

Vilnius is one of several European capital cities at the crossroads between West and East, South and North. This special position is reflected not only by the variety of its architectural styles, but also by the spirit of the city. Vilnius is the only capital in Europe situated on the boundary of two ancient—Latin and Byzantine—civilizations. In this city of ancient and versatile cultures, the spirit of tolerance for different nations and religions has been vivid for some time. Vilnius was first mentioned in written sources in 1323, and by the 15th century it had turned into a beautiful medieval city, the heritage of which is still charming today.

Vilnius is Lithuania’s capital and also its most important city. It is the place of Lithuania’s major institutions: the Seimas (Parliament), the Presidencial Palace, the Government, the Bank of Lithuania, the Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Court. The population of Vilnius is just over half a million (554,000).

The capital of Lithuania is one of the most beautiful cities of the Old Continent, where the heritage of the past and achievements of the present, science and culture all co-exist in harmony. The residents of Vilnius are hospitable and cheerful people. Vilnius is currently one of the most visited cities in Eastern Europe. In 1994 the Old Town of Vilnius was included in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage List. A city established on the boundary of two cultures, Vilnius has always been a city of modernity open to the dialogues of different cultures. Profound traditions and experiences of ethnic culture are creatively incorporated into modern art forms—theatre, music, visual arts, and dance—and yield a new quality of art. Our artists are known throughout Europe and worldwide, and Vilnius has been awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2009.


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